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All Return Authorizations must be submitted in writing within 60 days of shipment. A visual inspection by an Eastern Marketing Corp. District Sales Manager is required before an RA is issued.

It is our policy to deliver products in factory sealed cartons that are free of visible damage. If you received a product with visible freight damage, inspect immediately and refuse, if necessary. If concealed damage is found after delivery, it is the dealer’s responsibility to file a freight claim with the trucking company.

A 15% Restocking Fee will apply for unopened Factory Sealed Cartons A 30% Restocking Fee will apply for items which may not have fit or were damaged during installation

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CLICK HERE to email digital photographs of the material to be returned.  Photographs of all returns must accompany this form and show that the original packaging is either intact or damaged and /or any product damage if applicable.   Note your contact information on the email to ensure it cannot be accidentally separated from your request.


Refuse freight that shows signs of distress such as forklift holes, tears or crushed cardboard, watermarks or other signs of mishandling.

Inspect all boxes completely – including interior boxes when shipments are palletized together.

Open and inspect all products within 48 hours of receipt.

Concealed Damage Claims Policy:

Do NOT discard the packaging.

Document with pictures of all sides and the interior of the box along with the damage.

Notify EMC of any concealed damage within 10 calendar days of filling out this form completely and submitting it.

EMC will process all concealed damage claims shipped via common carrier within our marketing area sold through the dealer’s physical store location.

Dealers are responsible for filing their own damage claims for material sold into areas where they have no physical store located via the Internet and/or shipped in their own vehicles or specified carriers.

If a visual inspection by EMC is required, one will be scheduled within 10 days.


Restocking Fees for Approved Returns:

15% Restock: standard product in Factory Sealed Cartons.

20% Restock: standard product which has been opened.

All other material will be handled on a case by case basis.

Consult your EMC representative.


It is our policy to deliver products in factory sealed cartons, free of visible damage.
If a product is delivered with the visible damage, inspect and refuse it as necessary.
It is the dealer’s responsibility to file freight damage claims directly with the carrier