The word “COMPANY” has two meanings.

One refers to a place of business where goods and services are bought and sold. The other refers to people, particularly people that you look forward to associating with. As in, we are having company over for dinner. At Eastern Marketing, our goal is to aspire to that second definition, to build a culture of people that other people look forward to doing business with. That includes our end customers, dealers and vendors. We think it’s wonderful when folks come to visit us for the first time and we hear them say to someone, “It’s great to finally meet you in person.” Because to us – that means its working.

We have represented many fine companies over the years and distributed all kinds of useful and beneficial products. Despite the fact that what we sell has changed and evolved over the years, we have built relationships that have spanned decades. We think the reason is simple. It is important the things you sell have value, but the greatest, lasting value comes from people.