Eastern Marketing Customer Care offers an unparalleled level of service available for all Bertazzoni, Blomberg, Vent A Hood and XO Appliances.


Equipped with booties and soft tool bags to protect your fine floors, service personnel arrive at your home on time, in spotless trucks and clean uniforms. The only sign we’ve been in your home is a kitchen full of working appliances.


Our highly skilled technicians are extensively trained to work on our brands. Our goal is to make our first visit to your home, our only visit.


Equipped with booties and soft tool bags to protect your fine floors, service personnel arrive at your home on time, in spotless trucks and clean uniforms. The only sign we’ve been in your home is a kitchen full of working appliances.

Our customers are our family, and we love to hear what they have to say. Check out their rave reviews right here.

  • Got a new disposal and was able to install it pretty easily and VERY happy with performance. For some reason it stopped working, but was under warranty. The team that replied to my inquiry where fast, friendly and helpful. The expedience of the process, the ease and courteousness cannot be beat! I will definitely recommend XA and Eastern and as upgrades are needed I will be looking with them FIRST. Price for unit was VERY reasonable and outperformed any other disposal that I have had.

    Christel Thompson Avatar Christel Thompson

    I really cannot believe companies and service professionals can be this good. From A to Z, Top to Bottom, everyone at this place is absolute first class great. Everyone I talk with has gone above and beyond to help resolve any issues that I have had (Thank you Molly, Yezenia and Ariel!!!!). The service techs that come over are great (Thank you Carlos!!!). They are really the best of the best. I feel great knowing that people and companies can be so good. Thank you everyone at this company.


    Eastern Marketing Service, fantastic service by Alberto. Very knowledgable about the brand, took time to explain exactly what was wrong and how it was going to be fixed, took great care to put everything back neatly. would highly recommend

    Jane Jones Avatar Jane Jones

    I dealt with a lady named Danielle she was professional helpful and responsive this is my second dealing with this company my first time was with a gentleman named Ariel who also went above and beyond to take care of all my concerns I would recommend working with these people and buying any products they sell because they stand by it and are truly a customer orientated company thanks again Danielle and Ariel for a great job

    Wayne Heimrich Avatar Wayne Heimrich
  • I've been working with EM for over a year now. The good: their technicians are knowledgeable and professional, they respond to emails and they honor the appointments they set. The bad: they have really long lead times. I've never been able to get a service appointment for less than two weeks out. Sometimes three. Heaven forbid they come and decide they need a part. It will be another two weeks IF they have the part on site. If not, you're looking at longer. As a property manager, I've had to make a lot of concessions and give a lot of apologies to residents for the long wait. The only reason we use them is because they're the servicers for the warranty policy we have on these appliances. Once the warranties expires, I'll likely never use them again. My advice to others interested in working with them: if you aren't in a rush and don't mind waiting, you can give them a call. But I don't recommend them for emergencies or quick service.

    Fabrice Guillaume Avatar Fabrice Guillaume

    As a contractor, my clients rely on my certain level of customer service that I provide and I have built my business based on that customer service experience. In order for me to succeed, I need vendors that I can trust, and after today, I can no longer trust eastern marketing to be a supplier in my business. In the past, 5 months I have spent close to $80,000 in appliances coming from eastern marketing. One of the $1,800 refrigerators was delivered and after 4 months completely stopped cooling, I called eastern marketing for service, and they gave me a service appointment 3 weeks out. For a refrigerator, now I understand it’s busy and I would understand if it was a dishwasher or a washer dryer, But an essential refrigerator should be bumped up on the list. Fast forwarding to the day the technician came by, and it took him 2 minutes to tell me it’s not repairable and that the office will be in touch about a replacement. The office emailed me 2 days later to tell me that they have to get approval for a replacement. Fast forwarding another 5 days for them to tell me that it was approved and that I would have to wait another 7 days for them to replace the refrigerator. The entire process was stretched out for well over a month while my client did not have a working refrigerator. Maybe the people in the office should think to themselves if they can live without a refrigerator for over a month? I asked eastern marketing to credit me the fridge so I can purchase my client a different fridge and they told me no. Out of my pocket I had to reimburse the client for the food spoilage, and a credit them for living without a fridge for over a month. When I asked eastern for some kind reimbursement they told me to call my insurance because they won’t do anything for me. BASICALLY THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Maksym Skoryk Avatar Maksym Skoryk

    Great Service! Seamarre arrived early which was great. He had everything he needed to complete the job. He was efficient, courteous, and more than competent. He easily answered my questions about the unit and explain features I was not aware of. He was very tidy, took great care to not get dust, etc in the house, and left the space just it like was when he arrived. Highly recommend this company.

    Davis Mangold Avatar Davis Mangold

    Seamarre has been out to fix my drier a few times and he is always on time, knowledgeable, communicative and informative. Whenever I call, the customer service reps are excellent also. Very happy to have Eastern Marketing maintaining my appliances.

    Leigh Williams Avatar Leigh Williams
  • Molly, the service coordinator, was incredibly helpful in getting us an appointment with our warranty. She went above and beyond to help us. Andre was our technician. He called to let us know when he would arrive, was kind, respectful of our home, and diagnosed/fixed the problem so fast. We greatly appreciated the kindness and professionalism from Eastern Marketing. Highly recommend!

    molly camp Avatar molly camp

    I had a wonderful experience with my recent repair. The company honored the one-year warranty and they sent a A repair person, Seamarre , who was experienced and knew exactly what the problem was. The follow up was great and I would highly recommend using this company because I was impressed with the level of service.

    SM T Avatar SM T

    I have had absolutely fabulous service from Yezenia Sanabria, an agent from Eastern Marketing, who has helped me immensely in getting a refund for a defective dryer. She always responded quickly, did her very best to help me, and kept me informed of her progress. Best of all, as a retired editor I greatly appreciated the quality and clarity of her responses which were also always grammatically correct with faultless spelling! She provided true customer service of the highest level and was a delight with whom to work.

    Elizabeth Goodfellow Avatar Elizabeth Goodfellow

    A technician called Seamarre came by today to look at my stove and he was amazing. So nice and so knowledgeable. Highly recommend these guys.

    James Townsend Avatar James Townsend